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tirsdag, 02 juni 2009

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 DENMARK has given us a gift...
A beautiful blond girl, which has entered the art of drama. Her name? Ula Yensen. Her recommendations? A bucket full of incomparable charms, a great eagerness to reach out and overcome, a delightful character, brittle as glass so delicate and feminine, and sex appeal very European.
Ula, who is in the splendor of spring, was born by television as a commercial model. Her presence surrounding and advertising the product, gave especial attention to her person to the viewers. From there, accustomed to cameras and spotlights, she jumped to the scenic boardwalk, replacing another discovery as important as her: Tere Velazquez, in "Un Cuento Galante".
A slight accent surprised at first, but it is no obstacle. –I know that learning a language is no easy job. I have four years living in Mexico and although It has been difficult, I am sure that I will come to dominate the Spanish. I do not expect to find "the table set”. Instead, I study hard and try to correct my pronunciation, expanding my vocabulary. Soon I will dominate language, which I like very much.
(Fluency in conversation confirms it)
-I do not want to fall into the repetition of all foreigners, but I must confess that it is a wonderful country -said when asked to talk about Mexico. -Is a land of striking contrasts and powerful personality; I admire the capital for its weather and its people. Mexicans are friendly and sincere. Moreover, the weather is great, but the rain makes us doubt sometimes. There are certain times when the weather is gray and sad, it reminds me a little of Denmark. There the sun shines poorly. But the lack of light is offset to the people here, so optimistic and cheerful...
Being a model is not easy.
The fragile body of Ula, built by dance and constant exercise, in addition to its interesting and beautiful face under long brown hair, is a sculpture reminiscent of the sensitivity of Michael Angelo. Its strange seduction ahs the flavor of Bardot with the unique blend of blonde liquor. The taste of Ula is a smile, virtue that complements under her personality that she pours out all the time.
-I'm sure that I’m not a good actress, at least for now- respond when asked if she does not feel lost in a new environment as in the theater. -Only those privileged beings show their class from the first moment. Being in the theater has been for me a great satisfaction: requires more concentration and strength. New knowledge and techniques, but It has not puzzled me. On the contrary, is irresistibly attractive, has made me understand that to be an actress you need to have experience. See and discover every day. Now I know that when you want something like the way I want it, can only be achieved with work and more work. I'm sure that I have what it takes to become someone, I need to show and practice my skills, and eventually I might be a good actress.
- Do you feel different than in the television?
Very much, yes, but not quite. Look, television tends to be in cameras, and to follow an order; learn a few lines or movements. There are who think that modeling is. And it's quite the opposite! It requires learning to smile always, a sense of taste and persuasion to the public. This I have. That is why I say that I am able to become, over time, an actress. I feel the characters and although I have not come to project them with loyalty, experience and practice the talent, as little or as much as I have, will helped me achieve what I want.
I would like a Mink
Her words have the assurance of conviction. Ula Yensen big blue eyes and exquisite lips is in conclusion, a girl determined to achieve what she wants. She has the most important thing to begin with: a magnetic body and personality, conditions that are a priority for a movie or theater artist. Remember that "the stars come by sight ..."
Her figure and her will, will take her, why not? to success…
When we ask her about what would be nice to receive as a gift, her response was prompt and sincere. - A mink! A long, white, very beautiful mink...
- Do you love skins?
- No! I would never use them! But December 12th is my mom’s birthday and I would like to give her a mink...
In other words, a gift to give. She herself is one gift Denmark has given us by television. It is clear that gifts like this one, no doubt about that, we get very rarely.
Note #1:
Beautiful, sculptural, as seen by both pictures that illustrate our page. Ula Yensen is a woman full of sex appeal.
Note #2:
Under the cascade of brown hair, a thin delicate face. Blue eyes that know how to be disturbing and disruptive –up-, or a calm look of romance of sweet dreams.
Note #3:
The anatomy of this splendid ivory sculpture that is Ula Yensen. Magnificent gift that Denmark has sent to the Mexican film industry.

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